An Overview On Air Compressors, Their Uses, And Safety Measures

An Overview On Air Compressors, Their Uses, And Safety Measures

Oct 28,2020

Air compressors are invaluable to any construction work. There are many types of air compressors depending on its purpose and the scale of work needed. Basically, an air compressor works to take air at atmospheric or normal pressure and raises it to a higher degree. The result is compressed air that has multiple applications. Air compressors can be powered by using diesel or electricity.

During construction, air compressors are used for a wide variety of pneumatic tools and construction equipment. These include grinders, jackhammers, drills, and stapling and nailing guns. As air compressors can deal with a lot of power, there are safety precautions needed to be in place when it’s used. 

Let’s go over the important details you need to know when using air compressors, including some of its uses and safety measures. 

Why Are Air Compressors Used?

Air compressors were invented in the 19th century and since then, it has become one of the most essential construction equipment used today. It could be used in a wide range of industrial settings including manufacturing and mining as well as domestic uses. In fact, air compressors are considered to be the fourth utility next to water, gas, and electricity. Compared to electricity and other forms of energy, air compressors are relatively safer. 

Several types of construction machinery are powered by compressed air, which makes it very crucial for any project. They require little maintenance and repair services are easy to avail. There are two main compressor categories namely scroll or piston compressor used in air conditioning equipment and screw or reciprocating compressors that are mostly used in construction. Between both of them, you have different kinds of construction equipment that you can get to use. 

Safety Measures In Utilizing Air Compressors

Safety should be a priority for any construction project and that includes the use of air compressors as well as the pneumatic tools that it powers. Having safety measures in place is crucial when dealing with high-powered tools as with air compressors. The following are the safety hazards that come with air compressors:

  • Flying debris, particles, and pollutants
  • Electrical hazards
  • High-pressure hazards
  • Fumes
  • Excessive Noise

To reduce these risks, make sure that your air compressors have regular equipment maintenance. Use your machine according to its capacity, and don’t overstress your air compressor. Have PPE or Personal Protective Equipment when handling high-powered equipment such as air compressors. 

Safety inspections should be scheduled to ensure that your air compressor is working properly and efficiently. This will make it safer to use especially in long hours of construction operations.

Diesel Powered Screw Air Compressors From MMT

Screw air compressors that do not require electricity are more mobile, making it convenient and easier to use them. The Atmos diesel air compressor has a high-efficiency multi-step fuel filtration with a built-in water separator. It is also made with a large cooling surface for optimal use in high-temperature environments. Its user-friendly instrument panel with mechanical controls makes it easy to maneuver. Finally, The Atmos diesel air compressor is built to endure rough use and harsh environments, making it a perfect fit for your construction needs. 

To know more about air compressors and the different construction equipment that it can power, reach out to us at Modern Machinery Trading for more information. If you’re planning to purchase second-hand equipment, you can check out our blog- A Guide To Purchasing Second-Hand Machinery Safely.