Concrete & Surfacing Solutions: What Do They Offer?

Concrete & Surfacing Solutions: What Do They Offer?

Oct 5,2020

Concrete work is indispensable for any construction project. This material is used extensively in almost all aspects of construction work including structural implementations from building columns, arches, footings, to the surfacing. Concrete is also used for a wide range of applications, including highway construction. Since concrete plays an integral role in construction, it is only essential to have the right construction equipment to make the best use of it and ensure the quality of concrete work done. 

To provide a better understanding of the different equipment used for concrete work, here are some of the commonly used construction machinery for handling concrete and surfacing.

Drum Mixers

Before the invention of advanced construction machinery, concrete mixing was handled manually. Traditional concrete mixers consume a lot of valuable time and often lack precision or consistency. While small-scale concrete applications can be managed manually, the demand for more efficient cement mixers gave rise to advanced drum mixers today. 

Concrete mixers today are designed to handle large quantities of cement in varying proportions, strength, consistency, and application. Portable mixers are also widely available for small scale concrete application. It’s also popular for its transportability, as it has a wheelbarrow base for faster mobility. 

Power Trowel

Also known as a power float, this construction machinery is primarily used to ensure a smooth and even concrete application after pouring it onto a surface. It improves the overall look of the concrete slab and makes it faster for your workers to smoothly finish concrete work compared to using a manual or hand trowel. 

The Palme power trowel is one of the most sought after equipment in the industry. It comes with an operator handle for easy maneuverability, a protective belt, and an adjustable blade system. Such features ensure optimal task efficiency, productivity, and quality of work. In addition, the Palme power trowel is built with industry-grade materials that guarantee durability. 

Concrete Vibrato

Concrete vibrators are used to aid the cement during its settling period. This means it makes the concrete durable and long-lasting. It works to agitate the air bubbles that form a honeycomb-like pattern as concrete is being poured into a surface. Air bubbles make the concrete less compact and more porous, making it brittle. 

There are many types of concrete vibrators that vary in size, therefore there are several of these equipment you can use depending on your needs. It is crucial to have a trusted construction equipment provider to assist you in choosing the best fit for your project. 

Leveling Screeds

As the name suggests, leveling screeds ensure that the concrete has a flat and level surface. While there are self-leveling screeds available in the market, levelers can be applied when a project requires a specific depth and thickness. Levelers can be powered using petrol or an electric motor. These are collapsible making it easy to move around. Finally, it can also vibrate making it useful for any concrete applications. 

Floor Scarifier

Scarifiers, otherwise known as milling machines are used to remove concrete with the use of rotating cutting tools that are attached around a drum. These pieces of construction machinery are effective in chipping away concrete as it is more aggressive than conventional grinders used in small-scale construction. 

In particular, the Palme scarifier is a highly efficient surfacing equipment, designed for swift concrete removal. Applications include removing coatings (heavy floor tile mastics and epoxy materials), light or heavy milling, grooving and texturing of walkways to make them slip-resistant, mitigating trip hazards, and leveling misaligned concrete joints and uneven surfaces.

If you’re looking for quality construction equipment, we at Modern Machinery Trading are available to assist you in any of your construction needs, especially with concrete and surfacing solutions. Visit us today to talk to our experts and learn more about our other construction solutions.