Construction Essentials: A Brief Guide To Steel Cutters & Benders

Construction Essentials: A Brief Guide To Steel Cutters & Benders

Oct 17,2020

Both steel cutters and benders are essential for any construction work. These are used to help create rebars or reinforcement bars that are responsible for providing tension in concrete structures including columns and facades. It also helps with masonry work.

Steel bar bending and cutting machines come in different sizes and make, depending on how rebar needs to be bent. In total, this construction equipment is versatile and available for a variety of applications. Let us briefly go over a few details about these pieces of construction machinery and its applications. 

Steel Bending Machine

A High-quality rebar bending machine will effectively bend the reinforcing bars to suit the required design and structure of a building or a construction project. These machines ease and completely eliminate the need for manual bending that is otherwise dangerous, risky, and may cause injury to workers when handled incorrectly. Therefore, having this machine effectively and accurately bends steel without risking human labor. This likely promotes and increases safety in the workplace. 

A high-grade steel bending machine ensures that rebars are bent with precision and produce accurate results. It also speeds up the process of bending bars, allowing for more productivity. This, in turn, helps contractors and businesses finish a project much earlier. In fact, high-performing rebar bending machines take approximately five seconds or less to bend any type of rebar to the desired angle.

Finally, it reduces human error as machines are a lot more efficient when it comes to bending a steel bar, Manually bending rebars puts it at risk of damage, affecting its ability to provide tension and structural strength to concrete. Machines provide the much-needed force to effectively bend a steel bar to the structural requirement. Finally, its compact size makes it easy to move around wherever it is needed in the worksite. 

Steel Cutting Machine

Rebars require a specific length depending on the needs of a project. A steel cutting machine comes in handy to ensure that the right measurements are met. An efficient steel bar cutter accurately trims rebars faster- making it ideal in construction projects that require rebars in high volume. A rebar cutting machine allows you to set the required parameters to trim the steel bars for the exact size you need. This enables your workers to produce the perfect rebar length at any given time.

In addition, precision can be difficult to achieve when cutting these bars manually. With a steel bar cutting machine, workers can get the job done accurately in no time. These steel bar cutters often come with a dedicated mechanical power transmission system, which allows for better machine performance.

Compared to manual cutters, steel bar cutting machines are a lot safer. According to statistics, 15 percent of overall workers’ compensation costs are spent on workers who were injured at a construction site. Having this kind of machine will prevent such work-related injuries, making it cost-efficient. Overall, these kinds of machines help improve the productivity of any construction project.

How To Choose The Best Equipment

Choosing the right steel bending and steel cutting machine is crucial to ensure efficiency. With several manufacturers and construction machinery distributors, it is only crucial to identify which ones are the best. The equipment that you choose will make a huge difference in the operations of your construction project. 

Since these pieces of construction equipment are integral for your project, it’s only essential to make sure that spare parts are readily available whenever you need them. Choosing equipment that has its spare parts widely available will save you downtime spent in finding the appropriate spare part. 

Find a reputable construction equipment supplier to help you choose the best equipment for your project. Our experts at Modern Machinery Trading are available to help you decide which equipment is best suited for your needs.