Are Your Table Saws And Cutting Blades Safe To Use?

Are Your Construction Equipment Safe To Use?

Are Your Table Saws And Cutting Blades Safe To Use?

Sep 14,2020

Did you know that faulty, dull, and unmaintained table saws and cutters are one of the leading causes of construction-related injuries?

When was the last time you had your wood, concrete, asphalt, and block cutters maintained and serviced?

Without proper upkeep, your machinery’s performance and efficiency are reduced- not to mention, unsafe to use.

Business owners and contractors should hold their employees’ safety as a priority.  One way of providing a safe working environment is by ensuring all construction equipment and machinery they handle are regularly maintained. 

When your equipment is regularly maintained, you do not only reduce the risk of accidents or equipment breakdowns, but you also eliminate the downtime and any other problems that could delay your project and ultimately cost your business. 

Here are a few problems, apart from safety risks that could arise when your construction equipment does not have routine maintenance. 

Your Construction Machinery Can Be Strained

The lack of maintenance can lead to straining and overworking your equipment- this leads to equipment failure. Apart from this, for your equipment to work on its peak efficiency, it would need to run harder and use more energy than before. Not only does this affect the energy consumption of equipment, but your project costs as well. 

You’ll Spend On Unnecessary Expenses

Replacing broken spare parts or repairing construction equipment can cost more than how much you spend on regular maintenance. Several businesses are wasting money on repairs and replacements when routine maintenance can easily prevent this from happening.  This is what makes scheduled maintenance cost-effective, especially in the long run. 

Business Operations Can Be Compromised

Every construction company relies on its equipment and machinery for operations. The construction machinery’s efficiency affects the operation’s output and the quality of service you provide to your customers. Since the lack of maintenance results in equipment failure and inefficiency, your whole operation can be compromised with downtime potential. 

What businesses don’t realize is that maintenance should never be a result of equipment failure- nor should it be considered only when the machine is underperforming.  Scheduling maintenance needs to be part and parcel of your construction equipment from the day of purchase.