Protecting Your Biggest Assets – SkyLift Man Baskets To The Rescue

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Protecting Your Biggest Assets – SkyLift Man Baskets To The Rescue

Oct 15,2020

Your workers are your greatest assets. Without them, it would be impossible to finish any construction work or to begin one in the first place. As drivers of the company, these hardworking individuals work tirelessly even putting their lives at risk as construction work is physically demanding.  Each time they step into the worksite, they are exposed to several safety risks that may cause harm. 

According to the Occupational Safety And Health Administration, there are currently four top causes of construction fatalities, namely electrocutions, being caught in or between an object, being struck by an object, and falling.   Because of these safety risks, it is important to practice caution and uphold safety within the workplace. 

Man Cages And Safety 

Man cages or workboxes are designed to hold single or multiple workers depending on the cage’s size. A cage is supported by mechanical devices that provide elevation. These could range from cranes, hoists, to forklifts. Cages are developed and designed in accordance with industry guidelines and safety standards as risk becomes greater when workers are lifted by machinery. 

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Several cages are available that are specifically designed to safely lift workers, enabling them to work at a certain height. Selecting the proper man cage should be part of a comprehensive risk assessment plan – taking into account the following:

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  • The cage’s design to transport personnel safely at a high level or between two buildings in very close proximity
  • It’s heavy-duty steel structure
  • Fitted with doors that comply  with safety rules
  • Certification by TUV (Technischer Überwachungsverein ) Middle East

Rescue Man Baskets

Our Skylift rescue cages are specially designed and made to use for emergency evacuations and onsite first-aid rescues. Its size has enough room for a stretcher and is fitted with a door that automatically opens and closes.  The high-quality mesh cage provides added safety, especially in critical situations. Skylift cages can easily be maneuvered making it convenient for emergency conditions.   Custom features include:

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  • Four Top Pad Eyes
  • First Aid Box
  • Foldable Stretcher
  • Internal Harness Points
  • Two Swing-outward opening doors with an auto-lock system.
  • Handrails on the sides
  • Rubber roller wheels and two fork pockets under the baskets ( optional)

Skylift Lifting Man Basket designed and manufactured according to the BS EN 14502-1, BS EN ISO 10855, TUVSUD-SOP-25 international standards.

Workplace safety is an essential aspect of any construction project. And having these pieces of equipment will ensure the safety and protection of your workmen, so they can work efficiently and productively. 

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