What Sets Vertro Rebar Bending And Cutting Machines Apart From The Rest?

What Sets Vertro Rebar Bending And Cutting Machines Apart From The Rest?

Nov 15,2020

Reinforcing steel bars or rebars are indispensable in laying foundations. These are versatile construction materials that are mainly used in ensuring the reinforcement of concrete frameworks. The process entails shaping rebars to the required angles to effectively distribute tension, compression, and torsion within a concrete structure, thereby strengthening it. 

Steel bar bending and cutting machines guarantee the precise handling of rebars in fulfilling a bar bending schedule or a detailed list of the specific rebar marks, types, sizes, lengths, numbers, and bending details needed in a project. 

The Vertro Brand

When we talk about rebar bending and cutting machines, the Netherlands-based Vertro Steel Bar Bending And Cutting Machines are at the forefront of producing such high-grade construction equipment that are built for precision and efficiency. 

The Vertro brand is synonymous with trust and reliability. This is evident from the brand name itself, as the word “Vertro” is derived from the Dutch phrase “Te Vertouwen” – meaning to be trusted. The brand’s commitment to delivering high-performing construction machinery has earned them the trust of several construction companies.

All Vertro products are coated with electrostatic paint to protect against abrasion. Moreover, the components that work together and should not be painted are glazed with zinc and phosphate to make them resistant to corrosion. All the machinery components that transmit power are made from steel, making them heavy-duty and highly durable. 

Vertro Rebar Bending Machine

The Vertro Rebar Bending Machine is capable of bending steel bars in a variety of sizes and dimensions. It has a higher torque compared to standard bending machines, proving it has enough power to bend steel bars fast. 

The EVO line of machines from Vertro are mounted with a Planetary Reducer that minimizes the friction and even counters loss of efficiency compared to other bending systems. The machine is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to move around within the site. 

The machine has a two-direction rotation – a standard feature – to allow for both clockwise and anti-clockwise operation, that works with either a foot pedal or through manual control. Finally, the Vertro Rebar Bending Machine is built as per international standards, ensuring high-performance and optimal durability. 

Vertro Rebar Cutting Machine

Steel bar cutting machines need to deliver accuracy, speed, and maximum productivity. The Vertro Rebar Cutting Machines provide just that and more. Compared to other brands, Vertro only takes a second to cut the rebar and can also cut rebars with larger diameters than standard cutters. 

With a mechanical power transmission system, it ensures energy efficiency as well. In addition to these features, the machine is built with industrial-grade materials making it truly long-lasting. Furthermore, the machine does not need heavy maintenance and upkeep spare parts are widely available at a low cost. 

Ensuring Quality 

Stringent industry and quality standards regulate Vertro’s entire manufacturing and distribution process from the start. The brand maintains international partnerships with several enterprises in the construction industry that also further motivates Vertro to differentiate its products and become recognized for its quality and performance. 

With its investment power and R&D vision, Vertro utilizes and represents all the possibilities that technology has to offer. Vertro has a solid R&D structure that enables them to enhance the features and functionality of their products thoroughly. All Vertro products are CE certified, meaning they conform to health, safety, and environmental protection standards in an optimal manner.

Experience the power of Verto Rebar Bending and Cutting Machines with us at Modern Machinery Trading. Take advantage of our 2 years manufacturing warranty and a set of service kits with each unit purchased. To learn more about our range of Vertro products, talk to our experts today!