Genuine Parts Vs. Counterfeit Parts

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Genuine Parts Vs. Counterfeit Parts

Sep 2,2020

If you are a business owner or a contractor, there will always come a time when you have to purchase spare parts for your construction equipment. These are the construction machinery parts that are interchangeable or replaceable. The need for spare parts may be a result of equipment maintenance, repair, or inspection. Spare parts are essential in ensuring that when something needs replacing, there will be minimal to no downtime.

Spare parts should be available whenever needed. This is where trusted machinery spare parts providers come in. As trusted dealers of construction machinery, they are responsible for providing genuine spare parts for various construction equipment. 

Several business owners and construction companies purchase spare parts with their trusted suppliers and certified dealers to have the assurance they are buying genuine products. However, some companies are still attracted to purchasing counterfeit or duplicate spare parts that are at a lower price. They justify it as an effort to cut down on costs. They fail to realize that buying this kind may well cost unnecessary spending and equipment damage in the long run. 

Inarguably, when we talk about genuine vs. duplicate/counterfeit spare parts, there is already an obvious winner. Let us discuss the risks and dangers of purchasing duplicate spare parts from uncertified providers. 

Substandard Products Will Cost You More Money 

A duplicate spare part is substandard. It may be cost-effective in the short term and may even work efficiently for the first few months of operation, but the amount of money you will shell out in repairing your equipment in an eventual breakdown outweighs your purchase price.  This means you get to spend unnecessary money repairing and replacing your damaged equipment- eventually affecting your bottom line. Genuine parts work better, last longer, and are cost-effective than substandard, duplicate, and counterfeit spare parts. 

Safety Risks

Often, when purchasing genuine spare parts from trusted dealers, it comes with comprehensive support. This is not the case for duplicate or counterfeit ones that are also associated with several safety risks. Substandard spare parts cause engine failure, electrical problems, and equipment breakdown. Poor performing spare parts can compromise your staff’s safety, especially in operating at potentially hazardous conditions. 

Purchasing genuine spare parts contributes to the overall safe and secure environment that is essential for your workers. While the use of unauthentic parts can result from low capital expenditure, you should consider that purchasing genuine spare parts is critical in ensuring your construction equipment is efficient and reliable. 

Quality Standards

Duplicate parts do not guarantee the same quality as with genuine ones. Due to this, you may jeopardize the quality and performance of your machinery entirely. A small spare part can harm the rest of your equipment’s components, resulting in substantial damage to your construction machinery. Cutting corners by choosing to buy counterfeit items will also affect the quality of your output and your operation’s efficiency. Substandard products will eventually cause premature failure and downtime. 

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