How Often Do I need To Have My Construction Equipment Checked?

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How Often Do I need To Have My Construction Equipment Checked?

Aug 17,2020

Every contractor knows how a construction equipment breakdown can start a domino effect on a project. The impact of the disruption caused by machinery failure can cost valuable time and money- something that all businesses regard as crucial in every construction operation. 

Construction machinery, especially when used frequently, experience the occasional wear and tear. The only way to retain an equipment’s efficiency and performance is through regular maintenance. 

Construction equipment maintenance is an effective preventive measure to ensure that your projects do not face any downtime caused by malfunctioning equipment. But how often should contractors or business owners conduct equipment maintenance? Let’s find out. 

Types Of Maintenance

Businesses conduct maintenance for several reasons. Apart from routine inspection, there are cases in which maintenance is done due to certain conditions. For instance, situations such as unexpected machine failure can prompt corrective maintenance. At the slight detection of damage or anomaly, corrective maintenance becomes a form of early intervention. 

Preventive maintenance seems to be the most common type of equipment upkeep. Construction companies conduct preventive maintenance to reduce the risk of machine failure, damage, and breakdown. This is carried out at fixed schedules with a predetermined checklist. 

It is fundamental to be on top of your equipment’s performance- achieved through consistent performance monitoring. There are parameters on a monitoring checklist that can point out when a piece of equipment is underperforming or showing signs of inefficiency. Consequently, condition-based maintenance is performed.

How Often Should I Have My Construction Machinery Maintained?

As discussed above, the frequency of maintenance can depend on the situation. However, yearly or bi-annual maintenance is recommended to keep the equipment’s general condition in check. Typically, construction equipment providers offer maintenance on a set schedule. Make sure that you stick to it and inform your service provider for any changes in schedule. 

Understanding your equipment’s capacity and maintenance needs is also essential. Other pieces of construction machinery are used at different conditions, which imply that other equipment may need more frequent maintenance. 

Equipment Training Is Essential For Maintenance

Machinery maintenance is one thing, upkeep through proper handling of equipment is another. A well-maintained piece of equipment can be rendered useless due to mishandling. Adequate training should be conducted to ensure correct equipment utilization. 

How your workforce is trained affects the condition of your equipment. Mishandling of equipment increases safety risk on employees and the risk of machine damage, failure, and breakdown. Conducting training alongside maintenance ensures the safety of your employees and the longevity of your equipment. 

Partner With A Reliable Equipment Maintenance Provider

Work with a service provider you can trust. Several companies are claiming to be the best at what they do, so you must conduct due diligence when looking for the right company. At Modern Machinery Trading, our experience with construction machinery spans for more than two decades. Our experts have worked with several contractors in providing effective construction machinery, equipment support, and maintenance over the years. Reach out to us to learn more about equipment maintenance.