How Often Should You Provide Your Machinery With Service Support?

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How Often Should You Provide Your Machinery With Service Support?

Sep 9,2020

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about the importance of construction equipment maintenance. We also learned about the types of maintenance and how often you should complete a maintenance check on your construction machinery. Today, let us talk about the importance of equipment servicing as opposed to regular maintenance and the relationship between the two. 

Maintenance Vs. Servicing 

At a glance, maintenance and servicing may look similar; however, getting your construction equipment serviced and having it maintained can mean differently. When you are getting your equipment maintained, it means you have it regularly scheduled for safety inspections and calibrations. In comparison, equipment servicing would usually mean a specific part needs to be tuned up, repaired, or replaced, all of which are outside your regular maintenance schedule. 

There’s only a fine line between maintenance and servicing but it is crucial to know where the difference lies. If you are negligent in having regular construction equipment maintenance, then you would need to have it serviced more frequently. Since servicing, as mentioned before, is outside your maintenance contract, it can cost more money. 

The Importance of Servicing 

Although servicing can be outside your maintenance schedule, it does not take away from the fact that it is important too. Through servicing, you are able to address any issues that are beyond the scope of your scheduled maintenance. Maintenance is the equivalent of a doctor’s visit and the servicing that of treatment. Servicing your equipment ensures all problems are rectified and that the machinery is running efficiently and in full capacity without any issues. 

Several companies offer maintenance and servicing contracts. Business owners do not have to worry about scheduling and setting up an appointment since everything is taken care of by the service provider. In most cases, direct manufacturers and construction equipment distributors offer ongoing maintenance and support for any equipment purchased from them. 

Servicing As Corrective Maintenance

Servicing can also be described as corrective maintenance brought about by unplanned or unexpected failures. These are issues that were not effectively avoided or mitigated during regular maintenance or otherwise known as preventive maintenance. During servicing, parts can either be replaced or repaired. 

As corrective maintenance, servicing can be recognized as an emergency measure: meaning immediate intervention from a specialist is required. Because of this, servicing can easily become costly and become three to five times as expensive as regular preventive maintenance. 

Which I Better: Servicing Or Maintenance?

This is a common question that almost everyone in the construction industry asks. Maintenance and servicing go hand in hand, they are not mutually exclusive.  Regular maintenance should be a part and parcel of purchasing construction equipment and machinery. It enables contractors and business owners to ensure that operations run smoothly without any hiccups. 

With our services at MMT, you can gain full-service support for a variety of disruptions in your machinery’s function. Our expert engineers and service technicians are well-trained and experienced in dealing with tasks from a simple paint job to hydraulic maintenance. Rest assured, you will always find issues easier to handle when you call us in for assistance.