How To Check If Your Spare Parts Are Genuine

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How To Check If Your Spare Parts Are Genuine

Sep 23,2020

Several contracting companies and businesses keep an inventory of spare parts as these are vital components that ensure optimal productivity. Having them readily available when needed not only saves you from downtime but enables you to exceed and go beyond your clients’ expectations. 

Although some spare parts may be expensive during the outset, it can prove to be a good investment in the long run. However, as a result of trying to cut costs, contractors can be left with cheap but knock-off spare parts that are unsafe and substandard. Looks can be deceiving and when it comes to spare parts, it is often challenging to distinguish between the original and the knock off. 

The Dangers of Counterfeit Spare Parts

Fake spare parts may be cheaper, but they will eventually lead to complications that cost more. It can damage your present equipment and result in breakdowns in the near future. It also makes it difficult for repair, and at times, the resulting damage can be irreversible. In other words, cheap counterfeit spare parts do more harm than good.

Fake spare parts can also put your workers’ safety at risk as using them on your existing equipment can cause accidents. The collateral damage from purchasing and using counterfeit items will eventually affect your bottom line too. That being said, let us go over the list of things you can take note of to differentiate the genuine from the fake. 

It Is In The Small Details

You have to watch out for the slightest, most minute detail in your spare part. You can always start with the packaging and check for any misspelled words, as well as the phrasing of words on it. Sometimes, it can be easy to check just by looking at where the product has been made. You can always find out where genuine products are supposedly made. 

Counterfeit products are cheap because the cost of manufacturing it is substandard and often done in a hurry. Look for any awkward corners, faded colors, cheap quality of packaging, and asymmetry. Fake products often have misaligned parts and are often above or below the standard size. Fake spare parts can also have different designs than the original one.

Look Out For The “Numbers”

Counterfeit spare parts have random serial numbers that do not often make sense. By comparing them to the original ones, you will be able to observe a big difference. However, through technology, some fake manufacturers are smart enough to make it appear as authentic as the original. 

In this case, it is better to call the manufacturer directly and cross-check the product’s authenticity. Another set of numbers to look for is the date. American made products follow a certain date format, that is month-day-year. If the product claims to be made in the USA, take note of how the dates are sequenced. 

Purchase Products From Trusted Distributors

The safest way to ensure that you purchase genuine spare parts is by procuring it from certified and trusted distributors. You can always contact the original manufacturer to verify its distributors. At MMT, we assure and ensure to provide our customers with genuine spare parts that are of high quality and durability. We deal with several different construction equipment brands and can cater to your specific needs at all times.