The Importance Of Rewinding Your Electrical Motor

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The Importance Of Rewinding Your Electrical Motor

Aug 10,2020

Different kinds of construction equipment rely on electric motors to function. When these motors fail, it can affect the whole construction operation, potentially delaying a project. Over time, electric motors become worn out. Rewinding the copper coils in the motor expands its lifespan and ensures it’s working in full capacity.

There will come a time when the electric motor of your construction machinery loses its efficiency. Contractors and construction equipment owners are often left choosing whether to purchase a new motor or extend your existing one’s lifespan using motor rewinding. A rewind is best for construction equipment that is relatively new or is only a few years old. This makes rewinding cost-efficient- saving money that can be spent elsewhere. 

Our experts at Modern Machinery Trading let us know the importance of rewinding the electrical motors of construction equipment by listing some of its benefits.

Motor Rewinding Contributes To A Lower Operating Cost

Having your motor rewound instead of replacement saves you as much as 60% of the cost needed to purchase a new one. Motor rewinding only costs 40% of the price compared to buying a new one. It is essential to have a trusted construction equipment maintenance provider to provide a thorough assessment and evaluation of your motor before rewinding. 

This is critical since not all motors can be rewound. For instance, if a motor’s magnetic core is damaged, a motor rewind may not be the best option. Similarly, when a motor’s bearings are damaged, it’s best to seek a replacement. 

It’s safe to say that rewinding your motor during preventive maintenance will save you cost in your operating bills in the long run. 

Having Your Motor Rewound Is Actually Good For the Environment

For pieces of equipment that are used daily, especially those that are electric, motor rewinding has several benefits, especially to the environment. The price of energy consumption is always fluctuating. However, every contractor knows how an equipment’s kilowatt usage can add up over time. 

Further, continuous use of equipment can wear its motor that eventually reduces its effectiveness.   Inefficient electric equipment will consume more energy and leave a higher amount of carbon footprint. 

While purchasing a new motor can improve your equipment performance, there is an environmental impact when buying a new one. The carbon footprint that would be left during its production contributes to the depletion of our natural resources.

Motor rewinding does not only reduce the industry’s footprint, but it is also a guaranteed way to ensure your motor’s performance returns to its original capacity. 

When Should I Rewind My Motor?

When your equipment experiences any of the following difficulties, it’s probably time to call your maintenance provider and evaluate a motor rewind:

1. General signs of deterioration- E.g., rust, burns, and broken parts.

2. Failing Winding Resistance- Can be caused by shorted coils.

3. Issues With Insulation Resistance- Overheating components, low lubrication, and motor damage.

Work With A Trusted Maintenance Provider 

Motor rewinding is a task that should be taken care of by professionals. Our MMT experts have the experience and knowledge to help you decide if motor rewinding is the best option for your construction machinery. If you consider cost, sustainability, and better motor efficiency, motor rewinding can be an excellent option for you. 

Speak to our experts today to learn more and get started.